Why Get Several Auto Insurance Quotes?

Car Insurance with clipping path

Car Insurance with clipping path

The best way to know if you are getting a good deal is to have several auto insurance quotes to compare side-by-side. That way, you can determine which prices stand out and which elements of coverage are offered by some of the companies but not others. If you don’t get at least several auto insurance quotes, then you cannot make an intelligent decision on a car insurance policy. You should accurately know how your car insurance rate is determined.

Finding the Companies for Auto Insurance Quotes

  • Talk to friends and family. Find out what friends and family pay for their auto insurance, and get the names of companies that provide inexpensive coverage and still seem to satisfy their customers.
  • Look at insurance ads. Companies that advertise heavily on the radio and TV or in the newspaper or phone book are likely companies that are working hard to get additional clients in the general area where you live. Pick one or two of the most impressive ads, and add those companies to the list.
  • Look for companies online. Pick another company or two after an online search. The goal is to have five to seven total companies to research, so you end up with a number of auto insurance quotes for comparison purposes.

Be Careful Getting Auto Insurance Quotes

  • Give out identical information. Whether it’s an online form or answering questions over the phone, make sure the information you provide to each company does not vary at all. Mention the same model vehicle that you want insured. If you tell one company that you drive about 10,000 miles a year, don’t change the figure with another company. The reason is that companies assign rates based on factors like mileage. So a different answer can mean a different rate.

Compare the Auto Insurance Quotes

  • Read the entire policy. They can be quite long and technical, but you don’t want to miss any important language that may explain fees or other important provisions.
  • Price is important. There’s no doubt that price is often the deciding factor. But make sure the amount of liability coverage, deductibles, and other things like payment options are all considered.
  • Don’t forget customer service. Once you have limited your choice to the best two auto insurance quotes, call the companies, and ask about their customer service. What happens if you have a claim? Do they have agents in your area who come to you, or do you bring your vehicle to them? Is there a 24-hour number to call for help and advice? The level of customer service often acts as a tiebreaker when deciding between the final auto insurance quotes.
    For best advice check out how your car insurance claim is filled.

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